Pifra DDO Budget Exp, Benefits, Allowances,Tracking Bill Status Online

In following article you will get the information regarding Pifra DDO budget exp, Pifra ddo monthly expenditure, Tracking bill status online etc.

Pifra DDO Budget Exp | Budget Allowance, Tracking Bill Status Online

Pifra  is a Govt mandated institute for Financial auditing. It stands for improving the financial auditing system of country. It has a centralized computerized financial auditing mechanism to bring transparency and auditing in allocation and expenditures. Therefore, PIFRA DDO budget exp has been made a central part of it.

The DDO stands for Drawing and Distributing officers. Under the DDO Budget Expenditures the allowances and expenditures for Govt employees are released. Every budget is allocated/sanctioned against a specific DDO budget expenditures.

All the govt departments or employees like teachers, engineers, doctors, army or police officials draw their salaries and allowances from their specific assigned DDO budget.

PIFRA DDO Budget Expenditure

The Pifra DDO budget expenditures are aimed at centralizing the financial system to improve efficiency and transparency in audit and allocation of budget. It is the essence and purpose for the establishment of PIFRA. Therefore, Pifra is the mouth piece of Govt of Pakistan.

The project for improving financial audit and allocation under the name of PIFRA was allocated the specific budget of 5533 million. Pifra is the great facility for govt employees. They can get their payslip online, get information about their ddo budget expenditures and other allowances like medical, education, traveling allowance etc.

Benefits or Features of Pifra DDO Budget Exp 2021

For the Govt employees, Pifra has a lot of benefits to offer. It offers the facility of hassle free and instant pay slip into the inbox of registered government employees.

Pifra online Payslip registration guide 2021 has already explained all the detailed process of how to register for Pifra payslip online.

Apart from instant Payslip, Pifra DDO budget exp provides the detailed guide about the allowances that are drawn by the govt employees. Information about the following allowances have been provided by Pifra.

  • Travel Allowance
  • Home Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Special Allowance
  • Travel Allowance

Pifra DDO Monthly Expenditure

Pifra is established with an aim for providing transparency, audit and relief in financial matters. It lists out the details of all govt expenditures of all projects and apart from that, people can also check bills, tender with token numbers online

Track Your Pifra Bill Status Online

An additional facility Pifra has provided is the tracking of bill status of Your Tender online. You can track the Status of Your Tender bill online. So, don’t worry about how to track pifra bill status. Just log on at Pifra.gov.pk and see the details.

The status of Your Tender bill can be viewed by two methods; Online Tracking of Bill and tracking through SMS.
With SMS you can track the status of your bill easily by following a simple way.
You will need following information for tracking your bill status via Mobile

  • Govt Code
  • District Code
  • Token Number
  • Pifra online Token Tracking Mobile Number: 0514710910

Tracking Bill Status online on pifra.gov.pk

Pifra offers great facility of tracking bill status online via pifra website. For that you need a tracking code with the same format you have read above. Just go on Pifra website at http://m.pifra.gov.pk.


Pifra DDo monthly expenditure, Pifra Pay Slip, DDO budget, Bill status etc have been explained with details in this guide. Enjoy visiting our site for up to date information regarding PIFRA bills, DDO budget exp 2021, Pifra pay slip registration online etc.

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