Pifra Introduction Aims & Objectives

The Pifra is a step towards achieving maximum financial accountability and transparency in the system by promoting digitization of entire expenditure and expenses system for the govt budgets. The Pifra Stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing.

In line with this Project, the Pifra web portal has been launched officially by the Govt of Pakistan. The Pifra website maintains an online record for all budgetary allocation, list of expenditures for all Govt departments. In addition to that, the govt employees has the facility to get their payslip online.

This project is the backbone of Pakistan’s Audit and expenditure mechanism. In fact, this whole concept has the backing from Pakistan Audit department, CGA and Ministry of Finance along with Provincial Finance departments. With the quite collaboration of all department, the Pifra has been made possible.

The Pifra Project is for the ease and transparency of Govt departments. It has the budgetary allocation to the tune of 5,553 Million. In line with this budget allocation, the Pifra has been made viable and effective tool to project maximum financial audit and transparency.

There are Four Key components of Pifra. These are as per following:

1. FABS (Federal Accounting & Budgeting System)
2. Enhance the Capacity Building of Auditor General’s Office.
3. Promote the Effective Project Management.
4. To Enhance the Capacity Building of Controller General of Account’s Office.

Aims and Objectives of Pifra

Pifra is the project for accountability, transparency and root out any hurdle in the way of progress and prosperity. It promotes the

professionalism, accountability and auditing for greater Public Financial Management. This project is aimed at accelerating the pace of progress and

prosperity by bridging the gaps of building an effective and Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS).
The Pifra has the following well professional and well promoted key concepts for Working:

1. Improve the audit mechanism as per International well recognized Standardized operation Procedures (SOPs)
2. More transparency and Public accountability by Publishing the Financial disclosures Online.
3. Reducing the Gaps to avoid Financial Mismanagement and Loss.
4. Promote the Trust to build effective Financial Management System


Therefore, Pifra is one of the wonderful initiative of Govt to promote financial accountability and audit mechanism. The system is gradually upgrading to cover the maximum areas to achieve a complete financial Management System for Pakistan.

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