Pifra Pay Slip | Pifra Salary Slip Registration Guide 2021

Did you receive your salary slip for this month? If you are the Government Employee and working under federal govt or under the Govt of Sindh, KPK, Punjab or Baluchistan, you are entitled to receive you monthly salary slip via email directly into your email box.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration

Do you know that while registering via pifra for pay slip, you get yourself free from the hassle of going out to your near treasury office for getting payslip?

The most amazing thing is that when you register for Pifra salary slip you get a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Pifra Pay Slip Registration

Here you go, it is really beneficial to register for Pifra.

One major benefit that you get while registering for pifra salary slip is that you save your precious time, You get your salary slip for every month directly into your Gmail account.

Earlier it used to be quite difficult to go each and every time for getting the salary slip. For now, the entire system has been made online and automated with the introduction of Pifra.

Pifra Pay slip, pifra salary slip registration

Hence, by registering yourself for salary slip you save your precious time. You don’t need to go every time to nearby accounts office for getting your salary slip or even you don’t need to wait. Sometimes you get to know about your salary via gmail salary slip even before you find your salary payment in your bank account.

2.The next important benefit of pifra pay slip registration is that you are able to track record of your allowances, salary status, tax payment etc.

Sometime, you are needed to know the exact amount of each and every rupee that you get in your salary. It may include; your basic pay, your job allowance, GPF subscription, annual increments etc. Therefore, with the regular receipt of salary slip you get all of these.

3. Important Doc: Salary slip is an important document. Many times we needed the salary slip document for various purposes like opening new bank account etc.

Apart from that, it has a lot of other uses.  Hence, by receiving your salary slip directly into your bank account you get a lot of full benefits.

Have You Registered for Pifra Pay Slip?

That is to say, for availing all of these benefits, your are required to register yourself for pifra pay slip. The entire registration process has been made very smooth and easy.

You can get all things easily within the few click from your computer or even from your mobile.

What Documents/information you need to register?

While registering is quite simple. But before you sit down to register yourself for Pifra, you need to take care of a few things. You must look out for a paper near you and write down the following information that you would need to get yourself registered for pifra.

 Pifra Registration Information:

Write down the following information on paper

  1. Name,
  2. CNIC,
  3. Pifra Government Codes (you can know further about codes here)
  4. Valid Gmail
  5. Contact Number

As said, the process is very simple, if you need to understand it thoroughly, just look here step by step guide for pifra registration in 2021.

Most Common Issues You Might Face

As, observed people are experiencing the common issues like;

1. I have lost access to My Gmail Account, how to Get Pifra salary Slip?
2. How to Change Gmail ID on Pifra?
3. I have not received Pifra salary slip for this month?

Sometimes, it happens when you think that I have lost access to Gmail or I have forgotten my Gmail how can I get Pifra Salary slip? It is again very simple.

And even sometimes people think how to change Pifra Gmail account, it is surely simple, all you need to make a few clicks.

In this regard, we have written a detailed step by step guide how to change Gmail account on Pifra here. Therefore, it is again advised to note down each and everything on the paper while you register for Pifra. Though you can get your gmail changed, but that process might take time. In that regard you can contact Pifra via email, phone or fax.

Pifra Salary Slip For Government Employees

In that way you can get salary slip, if you are the government employee, easily into your Gmail account. The best part is that Pifra salary slip is available to all government employees all across the Pakistan.

1. Pifra Salary Slip Punjab

If you are the employee of Government of Punjab you can get salary slip online. The pifra Punjab has made is quite easier to for their government employees. They can track their salary status, bills and allowances online.

2. Pifra Salary Slip Sindh

Pifra Sindh facilitates the employees by sending directly their pay slip into their gmail accounts. Various govt employees including teachers, professors, lecturers, Clerks, Govt officers etc, can get salary slip instantly into the Gmail account.

3. Pifra Pay Slip KPK

One best thing that the Pifra KPK offers that the employees of every department in province, can get directly their salary slip into their mobile.

All job holders in Province of KPK has been offered the same ease and facility to track the pay slip status, salary, bills etc.

4. Pifra Salary Slip Baluchistan

The Baluchistan government has also offered the same thing to their employees. It is therefore, great benefit for all government employees that they are receiving their salary slips online.


The pifra pay slip or salary slip is the great facility for the job holders. It has a lot benefits, financial advantages, transparency and funds accuracy. It is really an appreciate-able act by the part of Government of Pakistan by launching PIFRA Portal Online.

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