Pifra Online Payslip 2020 | Official DDO Exp, Registration Guide

Welcome here! Get yourself registered for online payslip directly into your Gmail account. Easy step by step method how to register For Pifra Payslip 2020, DDO Exp, Bill tracking Status, etc online guide


Pifra is an online platform from where you get information related to your monthly salary slip and further you can get budget information against any specific DDO Code. Pifra is introduced by Govt of Pakistan. It sends you your monthly salary slip to your email automatically after registration. Pifra online payslip registeration

For the govt employees, stop waiting for hours for getting your monthly salary slip. With the introduction of Pifra, the whole system has been made automatic.

Before Pifra, it was really a hectic job where the govt employees used to be very worried to know the status of their salaries. The Pifra sends monthly salary statement of all Govt employees like teachers, doctors, Assistants, Clerks, Superintendents etc. Let’s learn step by step how to get your monthly payslip straight into your email box


Pifra is the initiative of Govt of Pakistan to improve financial auditing and reporting mechanism. The Pifra Stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. All finical disclosure, Govt budget expenditures, assessments, Financial releases against any specific department and DDO budget exp are made available online on Platform. Therefore, Pifra is helpful for following

  • Automatic receipt of Monthly Salary Slip after registration in Email Box.
  • Budget Details of any department via entering DDO Code.
  • Helps promoting Financial Auditing and Reporting

You Can Check Budget against your DDO Code Online via Pifra

What is Pifra Pay slip?

The payslip is the statement of salary for a government employee. It includes the list of financial privileges that a government employee is getting. For example it shows the total basic pay of employee, GPF balance, monthly deduction, other incentives like special allowance, house rent allowance etc. Following is the example slip that is sent by Pifra to Govt Employees

Pifra Montly Salary Slip

Pifra Online Website

The Pifra website is completely user friendly. It has an excellent structure. You can easily navigate around the website. It list out all the important financial management details.
Website Address: http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#.

How to Register Online For Pifra Pay Slip?

Simple is that! Everyone keeps the Smartphones. The internet is used by almost everyone. Everyone uses the Facebook, twitter, Instagram, G mail etc. The internet is spreading far and wide. Even in the remotest parts of our country people know and use internet for various daily uses like for news, information, sending messages, using Facebook, whats-app, Gmail etc.

Pifra Payslip

Getting Online Payslip straight to your Email Box is an ideal thing. Fortunately, it has been made available with the introduction of PIFRA.

Pifra registration is quite simple. It is quite easy. You will only need some information that is required for Pifra Sign up. I will suggest you to write down the following information on a simple paper.

Requirements for Pifra Signup

1. Your Full Name
Provide your Full Name correctly as it is registered on your job documents
2. CNIC Details
 Write down your Full CNIC Number. You have to enter it without Dashes
3. Pay Scale/Grade Details
Write Pay Scale as per Your Service. Pay Scale runs From Scale 1 Up to 22nd Scale.
4. Government Codes
There are separate codes for provinces. Like F for Federal, S for Sindh, P for Punjab etc. Look down for further information about Government Codes)
5. Provide Your Mobile Number
Provide Your Personal Number that is registered against your own name. Further, it is better not to provide portable (converted) Mobile Number
6. Your Province
Provide the information about your province where you are serving. The Federal Govt employees come under Federal administration, irrespective of their place of posting
7. Date of Birth
Enter You Complete Date of Birth without Dashes into the boxe
8. Valid Email Address
Use a Valid Personal Email Address. Use only Gmail Address. Other Email Addresses are not valid

Pifra Government Codes

Here is the full list of Codes information that you will need to enter for your registration. These are  as per following table

Province/Region of ServiceCodes For Pifra Registration
Federal F
Gilgit BaltistanGB
District Government PunjabDGP
District Govt of KPDGN
Gilgit Baltistan CouncilGBC
Kashmir CouncilC

Pifra Online Pay Slip Registration Step By Step

Once You have collected all the required information, Let’s head start to online pifra registration.

1. open your browser and Go to Pifra Official website. www.pifra.gov.pk.
2. Hover around the page and Go to tab “Services” click on it, you will see another Option “Online Salary Slip” Clik on it.
3. You have to Put all Information that we have listed above, step by step.
4. Put Your Government Code. Don’t be confused. Look above, we have already made the list of all Government Codes.
5. Put Your personal Number here in the box.
6. Next to Personal Number, Put your whole CNIC Number (without dashes) in the box.
7. In the Next box, enter your date of birth in the format like DD/MM/YY (22/12/1990)
8. See in Next Sign Up button. Click on it for Pifra signup.

Signup for Pifra.gov.pk

By following the above mentioned step by step process you can get registered for Pifra. After verifying your information, pifra will ask your email address. You will need to enter your gmail address twice.

When you are done by entering your email, you are required to click on submit button. The next button will show that you are successfully registered for payslip directly into you email box

How to Verify if You have registered yourself successfully?

Though Pifra will send you the payslip of your salary in the very next month you have signed but still if you want to confirm you can do so. In order to confirm that you have successfully registered just repeat the whole process for registration to Pifra. If you are already registered with the system, the Pifra will show you the message that you have already registered yourself with Pifra. In this way you can confirm your registration with Pifra. If you want to change Pifra Email after registration, you can get information here

Receive Pifra Payslip Online Every Month

The Pifra system automatically sends the pay slip to every registered member. After you have registered with it, just wait for the coming month to receive your slip directly into your mail box. Pay slip is delivered in the last date of month or just starting days of next month.

In your Pifra payslip email, you will see some messages from Pifra like in case you have received this wrong or you want to unsubscribe, just email at [email protected], don’t do it. Just enjoy receiving your payslip online.

How to Open Pifra Payslip from Your Email Box

Pifra.gov.pk sends your payslip in PDF file in your Gmail Box. In order to open it in your laptop, PC or smartphone just install any adobe PDF file reader. You can search it from google.

Pifra Payslip Registration Youtube Video


Pifra payslip online is a wonderful imitative. It helps resolving major issue of government employees. The salary slip of Government teachers, clerks, doctors etc have been made online.

In line with this initiative, agpunjab and ag sindh has also started initiatives to improve finical accountability and management online. It is really a wonderful step to help improving the financial management and development of Pakistan.

Ask Questions About Pifra

Q.1. What is Full Form of Pifra?

Ans.1. The Full Form of PIFRA is Project to improve financial reporting and auditing.

Q.2. How Can I get My payslip Online?

Ans.2. If you are are Govt Employee you need to register on Pifra website The registered users get their monthly salary Slip into their inbox regularly by PIFRA


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