How to Change Email ID on Pifra After Registration

Pifra is a great platform to achieve financial management, transparency and accountability. It has given users a complete choice and opportunity to look upon and to know the financial releases, budget details, sum total releases etc for a particular year against any department of Govt.

How to Register Online For Pifra Pay Slip Online

Pifra has achieved a milestone to initiate transparency and trust by making a platform that caters the needs of time.
The government employees can get details of their salary slip with the ease of minutes. It is entirely an easy and hassle free process.

It has relieved the government employees from the stress and frustration of getting pay slips late. Now with the introduction of Pifra, you can get salary slips straightly into your email box by registering on Pifra.

Though the entire process of signing up for registration of Pifra salary slip is quite easy and well explained but often the most repeated issue that pe0ple face is what to do if they want to change Email ID on Pifra.

Often people forget their email address, change mobile set or forget passwords etc of their existing gmail accounts. In that situation, what you need to do, is to change your existing email address that you registered on Pifra.
Changing Email ID on Pifra for salary slip is quite easy. Let’s learn it step by step.

1. Go to pifra website by typing in your browser
2. You will be redirected to main website of Pifra,
3. On main website look for “services” tab, scroll down and click on Payslip registration.
4. On this page you will find updated Pifra Contact details.
5. Contact Pifra via phone Number of Email support.

Change Email by Sending an Email to Pifra Support

Changing email by sending an email to Pifra support is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is go to new gmail Id and create an new message and send them with all required information. Alternatively, you can use the following format of email as well.

Format For Sending Email to Pifra Support

Subject: Change Email Address for the receipt of Salary Slip in Regard to Following Information

AoA Sir,

I am writing here to you for a matter to get my email address unsubscribed for the receipt of monthly Pifra slip. Unfortunately, I have lost access to the old Gmail. Therefore, I request you to unsubscribe me from my Old Pifra registration My details are as follow:

Email Id: [email protected]
Father’s Name:
CNIC Number:
Service Scale:
Personal Number:
Mobile Number:

I will be thankful to you for a prompt action.

After sending the email wait for the confirmation from Pifra. After you have unsubscribed on Old email ID. You can register yourself again on Pifra using your fresh email ID for pay slip registration.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Email ID on Pifra After Registration”

  1. Shahida parveen

    respected sir,
    my phone no and email address have been changed pls correct the following information.
    thank you.

    My name: Shahida Parveen
    pers# 10082303
    cnic# 4220199334576
    sindh government job
    phone # 03313101020

  2. Subjact :change email adress for the receipt of salary slip in regard to following information .

    AOA sir,
    I am writing here to you for a matter to get my email adress unsubscribe for the receipt of monthly pifra slip unfortunately, I have lost eccess to the old gmail. Therefor, i request you to unsubscribe me form my old pifra registration my details are as follow .
    Email id:[email protected]
    Name:AYYAZ Ali
    Father name: Bagh Ali
    CNIC number:35201-1231868-7
    Service cale:7
    Department:punjab police
    Personal number:31879697
    Mobail number:03221416356
    I will bi thankful to you for a prompt action.
    Regarad:AYYAZ Ali

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